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Dear Retail Partner:

We at True Nature Group have been providing Premium Natural Beauty Products for more than 14 years in North America, specializing in highest quality skin care and makeup items that meet strictest ingredient standards. What began as a small family owned business in 2000 has grown into a distribution company offering more than 500 beauty products. We do the ingredient research for you to ensure only the safest ingredients are used in the products we carry and manufacture for our clients.

By carrying Germany's most loved beauty companies, Lavera and Benecos as well as offering our own brand True Natural, we allow you to MIX & MATCH and COMBINE ALL LINES in your orders!

Thank you for the support and trust over the years, we truly value our retailers and wish you a successful 2013.

Uli Jacob & Team

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  1. Benecos Bestsellers Set

    Benecos Bestsellers Set

    Get the top 6 Benecos makeup products in 1 very affordable trial set. All items are Certified Natural and 100% Gluten-Free! Learn More
  2. Benecos Eyes, Lips & Nails Bestsellers

    Benecos Eyes, Lips & Nails Bestsellers

    Gorgeous color makeup - Non-Toxic and 100% Gluten Free! Check out this huge selection of Benecos eye, lip and nail makeup at an amazing price! Learn More
  3. Benecos Liquid Foundation & Powder Bestsellers

    Benecos Liquid Foundation & Powder Bestsellers

    Try all 3 Benecos Liquid Foundations and a selection of 4 Powders. 100% Gluten-Free, Certified Natural, and AFFORDABLE! Learn More
  4. Lavera Lip & Eye Bestsellers

    Lavera Lip & Eye Bestsellers

    Check out Lavera's award winning and certified natural Mascaras, lipglosses and lipsticks! Learn More
  5. Lavera Skin Care Best Sellers

    Lavera Skin Care Best Sellers

    Try Lavera's best anti-aging skin care and 3 rejuvenating face masks - all certified natural AND gluten-free! Learn More
  6. Lavera Hair & Body Bestsellers

    Lavera Hair & Body Bestsellers

    Our Lavera Hair & Body Bestsellers set contains our customer favorite shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, body lotions and hand cream. You'll be amazed at the fresh all natural scents as well as the texture, feel AND performance of these products! Learn More
  7. Lavera Liquid Foundation Bestsellers

    Lavera Liquid Foundation Bestsellers

    Try Lavera 's Trend Sensitive Organic Natural Liquid Foundations and Tinted Moisturizer - lightweight coverage to help skin will look even, clear, soft and healthy. Learn More
  8. True Natural Anti-Aging Bestsellers

    True Natural Anti-Aging Bestsellers

    Made By Nature Made To Work
    Anti-Aging Benefits - For Dry & Mature Skin
    Regenerating and Balancing Effect
    featuring Spagyric Rose Essence,
    Cactus Seed Oil & Argan Oil

    For more info regarding the True Natural Anti-Aging Rose Line, please visit

    Learn More

8 Item(s)

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